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الهوايات الطبية
الهوايات البحثية
Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window). 0King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah, College of Medicine
Fellow of the Royal College of Edinburgh – 1994 Diploma in Total Quality Management Diploma in Hospital Management
Consultant Physician in Thoracic Surgery and Intensive Care
Intensive Care Hospital Administration
Trauma surgery Thoracoscopic surgery
Dr. Ahmad Hasan BanjarAttachment
Radiologist2000@gmail.com1428Mansoura Faculty of Medicine -­‐ 1992
Masters Degree in Radiology – 1998 Doctorate Degree in Radiology -­‐ 2006
Consultant Radiologist
Neuroradiology Musculoskeletal radiology
Neuro radiology
Dr.Abdul Farrah Ashour Abdel SamadAttachment  1800  King Abdulaziz University
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Royal College of General Surgery of Canada American Board of Surgical Intensive Care Fellowship in Trauma and Critical Care
 Head of Accident and Emergency Department Assit.professor in Umm AL Qura University
 Emergency and Acute Care Surgery Trauma Critical Care
Critical care Quality improvement General Surgery
Dr.Hassan Adnan BukhariAttachment
 thoraxic@hotmail.com3200Sindh Medical College, University of Karachi, Pakistan
Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Bachelor’s Degree in Surgery Fellowship of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Thoracic Surgery, Pakistan
Consultant Physicians in Thoracic Surgery
Minimally invasive thoracic surgery General thoracic surgery
Case reports of rare thoracic surgical cases
Dr.Ali Raza ShamsuddinAttachment  1105 King Faisal University – Dammam -­‐ KSA
Bachelor of Medicine 1996 – Dammam Saudi Board Certificate of Internal Medicine – SSC – MED – 2005 Clinical Fellowship of Infectious Diseases – University of Ottawa – Canada – 2010 Saudi Board Fellowship Certificate in Adult Infectious Diseases – SF – MedID – 2012
Director of the Infection Control and Sterilization Department Infectious Diseases Consultant Program Director of Internal Medicine Saudi Board Adult Internal Medicine Consultant
To treat hospital and community acquired infectious diseases Increase the awareness of professional infection control program Increase the educational plan in internal medicine (Saudi Board)
MDRO Update Healthcare devices associated infection Outbreak diseases related to infectious diseases
Dr. Manal Mansour Al GethamyAttachment  1425
Medical Bachelor – 1992 Masters of Science in Radiodiagnosis 1997 Doctorate Degree in Radiodiagnosis 2005
Consultant Physician in Radiology
General medicine General surgery Pediatric medicine
CT body imaging MR Neuroradiology
 Dr. Mohamad Zakariya Al Azzazy Attachment  3100
 Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelor of surgery, Punjab University 1995 Fellow of Royal College of surgeons Ireland oct.2001
 Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelor of surgery, Punjab University 1995 Fellow of Royal College of surgeons Ireland oct.2001
 Surgical and Endovascular for Vascular trauma Peripheral arterials disease, diabetic foot management for limb salvage Vascular access management, Artic and carotid disease, varicose veins
 Peripheral arterial disease Vascular access
download from here
Dr.Mohammed Saeed BasaeedAttachment
Hossamdeeb@hotmail.com4999Royal College of physicians, London
Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelors of Surgery Masters in Rheumatology Member of Royal College Of Physicians, UK
Asst.Rheumatology consultant
Rheumatoid authorities Gout Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Clinical Rheumatology Biologic medications in Rheumatology
Dr. Hossam M. El DeebAttachment  1030  King Abdul Aziz High School, Makkah
 Bachelor’s of Medicine and Bachelor’s of Surgery – Karachi University – 1992 Saudi Board (General Surgery) – January 2001 Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons – Westmead hospital – Australia – 2003 Fellowship of King Saud University – King Saud University – Riyadh 2004
 Medical Director at Al Noor Specialist Hospital Head of the Department of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
 General medicine General surgery Pediatric medicine
 Diabetic foot Varicose vein disease Arterial disease
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Dr.Mohammed Omar BafarajAttachment  4700  Damascus University 1999
 Member of Royal College of Physicians (UK) 2006 Saudi board of internal medicine 2007 ARAS board Internal medicine 2007 Master in Internal medicine 2004
 Internal medicine consultant, A.C Rheumatology
 To provide best care for patients According to last guideline and evidence Based medicine
 Biologic therapy efficacy in Rheumatoid Arthritis pt and other autoimmune diseases in Makkah region
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Dr.Narges OmramAttachment  3200  King Abdul Aziz University -­‐ 1989
 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery – 1989 – King Abdul Aziz University Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland – 1996 Fellowship – Thoracic Surgery – Canada -­‐ 2000
 Consultant Surgeon (Thoracic) and Head of the Thoracic Surgery Department Faculty member – Fundamentals of Critical Care Support Faculty member – Fundamental of Disaster Management Faculty member – Advanced Trauma Life Support Member – European Thoracic
 Pediatric Thoracic surgery – Lungs, Chestwall, Mediastinum Congenital Chest Deformity Interventional Pulmonary Procedures
Case report done for the first ever Behcet’s syndrome in the Middle East Video-­‐assisted thoracoscopic surgery for empyemal pneomothorax
 Dr. Salem Al Shareef Attachment
ibfaljabri@hotmail.com3850King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah, KSA
Saudi Board of Ophthalmology King Saud University Board of Ophthalmology Subspecialty in Anterior Segment (Cataract, Refractive and Corneal Surgery)
Head of Ophthalmology Department
Anterior Segment
Anterior Segment
Dr.Ibrahim Fahad Al JabriAttachment  3705  Zagazig Faculty of Medicine
 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Doctor of Medicine Masters in science
 Consultant Neurosurgeon
 Skill Base Surgery Aneurysm Surgery Spinal Surgery
 Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery Head Injury Spinal Injury

 Dr.Montasser Ahmad Foda Attachment 3603  Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) Arab Board Council
 Arab Board of Surgery Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons
 Consultant Physician in Urology
 Endourology Andrology
Study of rare diseases
 Dr. Riyadh Mohammed Al Aryan Attachment   1429  Mansoura University – Faculty of Medicine
 Medical Degree in Radiodiagnosis – April 2004 Masters Degree in Radiodiagnosis – Nov. 1998
 Consultant Radiologist Associated Professor in Mansoura University
 Cardiovascular imaging Musculoskeletal imaging CNS imaging GIT imaging Intervention Study and Procedure Ultrasound and CT guided
 GIT (Colon and Biliary tree) CNS (Diffuse Study and MRS) Vascular Imaging (CTA and MRA)

 Dr. Wael Ahmad Abdul Ghafur Awad Attachmentجامعة الأزهر
دكتوراة في الغدد الصماء
التخصص العام: أمراض الغدد الصماء والأيض
التخصص الدقيق: الغدد الصماء و اللأيض
استشاري غدد صماء مركز السكر والغدد الصماء
د.أسماء إبراهيم عرفةAttachment
--جامعة الملك عبدالعزيز بجدة     
بكالوريوس الطب والجراحة العامة
البورد الفرنسي في امراض الدم
البورد الفرنسي في امراض سرطانات الدم
رئيس الاقسام الباطنية  
د.محمد بن محمود الكاظميAttachment  122جامعة ام القرى
بكالوريوس الطب والجراحة  
استشاري باطنة /غدد صماء للكبار
د.منهل نبيل عبدالحي رضوانAttachment